710Labs Review

~IntergalacticDreamz~ ~Medical Marijuana Patient, Prop 215 18+~ Hello YouTube people, I am Paul or IntergalacticDreamz. I am here to bring you guys cannabis and art related content special to California. In this video I will be reviewing 710Labs unquestionably OG liverosin 90u Persy batch. This concentrate company was been taking the cannabis industry by storm [...]

3 Gram Hash Rosin Schnoz Bomb – 100 Patron Goal

www.patreon.com/matthias710 www.teamsmallnips.com WE FUCKING DID IT!!!! MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO MY FIRST 100 PATRONS. You all have literally kept me and Kate afloat while going through all the deletions and i cant thank you enough. Please know you have my personal thanks and love <3 So we had to to drop three grams of poopy [...]

Top 10 Dabs of the Week – Monster Dabs

WOOOOOOO!!!! Get ready for the craziest episode of Top 10 Dabs to date! From some epic scenic dabs to some of the biggest dabs weve ever seen here on top 10, this week got crazy! Thank you so much for send in your clips and making this another great week! If you want to submit [...]

MjArsenal Unboxing

www.patreon,com www.teamsmallnips.com We got a box! We got a big box with small things inside! My friends over at @mjarsenal always keeping me laced up with their most recent designs and i gotta say, these are it! These four little rigs are truly amazing at on $49 and they all provide great function! If youre [...]

Top 10 Dabs of the Week – Snake Dabs

www.patreon.com/matthias710 Snake dabs FTW!!!! This week we got a lot more submissions and a lot crazier content! Huge shout out to everyone who submitted a video, if you didn’t see it in this episode there’s always next week! If you would like to submit your own video, heres how – 1. Upload your video to [...]