Unboxing Our New Heady Rig! – Ben David x Mr Gray

httpv:// What better place to start off our new channel than with an unboxing of our newest addition to the glass collection! Shout out to @bendavidglass and @mrgrayglass for being so easy and straightforward to work with! We have both been long time fans of Bens work and when we saw the tube with Mr [...]

Unboxing of a Giveaway Prize

Hey Guys!! I literally had just woken up before recording so I’m half asleep lol but I wanted to make a short video of this carb cap I had won in a giveaway ran by and hosted by @bowser_glass on Instagram He has some awesome work I am super grateful for winning and receiving this piece [...]

Hotbox Supply March 2019 Unboxing

Use Coupon Code PhrankieC87 at: For a discount on your box! Let me know what you think of this box in the comments below The box retails for $44.99 Thanks for all the love and positive vibes, Much Love-PhrankieC87 Do me a solid and check out my Instagram and FB Page: All [...]

Elevated Stash Pikes Peak Box March 2019 Unboxing

Use Coupon Code PHRANKIEC87 at for a Discount on your Pikes Peak Box!  I created a video tutorial on how to use the MJ420 Pipe. Check the video out here: Hey, Everyone! Today, I am unboxing the March 2019 Elevated Stash Pikes Peak Box.   This is the $30 box.  Thank you for [...]
infused water


Whats up Weedtube! Tsmithers back with another vid! Todays vid is a compilation of vids i’ve done for instagram unedited. I’ll prob do more of these every couple months, but follow me on IG for the real time vids. It’s crazy that i’ve been smoking pretty consistently for the past couple years, and still have [...]

Top 9 Dabs of the Week THIS WAS THE SINGLE MOST AGGRAVATING EPISODE IVE EVER HAD TO EDIT. One of the clips was . broken but it didnt really give me agreat idea of which one so i had to re edit this THREE FUCKING TIMES. 

One gran flower + half gram of wax

For today’s vlog I decided to take my happy ass outside because it’s finally nice outside and not looking like garbage here in sunny SoCal. With that in mind I took to the streets and hit my backyard hard with this one. Hope you all liked it. If you did I’d appreciate the support! 

I'm a glass dealer now????

Whats up Weedtube! Its Tsmithers back with another vid. This started out as a joke, but turned into a new business venture. I’ve been passionate, and obsessed with glass since I started smoking regularly years ago. Of course if you saw one, or is interested in owning a piece you saw hit me up! Curated [...]