MarissaGone: Smoke with Me and Labradorite

Little Session you’re invited to 🙂 Now I LOVE my stones! Whenever I can use them, I WHIP them out, no hesitation! I’ve always had close connection with them all, no discrimination! Here I’m highlighting Labradorite. This stone caught my attention by it’s reflective color, then it kept my admiration when I read about it’s [...]
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Wine, Weed And Girl Talk!

Get your favorite smoke, drinks and goodies …its time for a high chit chat! WELCOME T0 HIGH COMMENTARY!!! THIS VIDEO IS FOR ADULTS 21+ & MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS ONLY! THIS VIDEO DOES NOT PROMOTE ANY SALES, USE, OR ABUSE OF ANY FORM OF ILLEGAL DRUGS (SHHH WE KNOW IT’S NOT A DRUG). ********************************************************************************************* GET SOCIAL [...]

Abracadabs Pop- Up Recap

Wassuppp stoners! Thanks for checking out another video of Yeska Freska 😄 I truly appreciate it, if you liked the video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe 💋 Last Friday I attended the Abracadabs Pop-up sesh that took place in Los Angeles and it was D.O.P.E🤘 I had a kickass time, [...]