Do The Moon & MOONLIGHT Affect Cannabis?

Today on Lex’s World a discussion around the moon, how many Lux it provides when it hits the earth and whether moon phases, its gravity or its light impact Cannabis plants in any way. TNB Naturals: My episode on Light spectrum: My episode on Cannabis & working in the dark: YOU can [...]

Gardening At Night + Best TIME To Water Cannabis Plants

Today on Lex’s World – How To Prevent Light Shock by your Cannabis Plants at night and is there an ideal time of the day to do your watering. Green LED Headlight: (Amazon Affiliate) LED Green Light Bulb: (Amazon Affiliate) You can help me LOTS just by shopping at my Amazon Store…all grow [...]

How To – Adding Sugars To Cannabis Plants – Molasses, Corn Syrup or Honey

Today on Lex’s World, let’s talk adding sugars to your marijuana plants! This is a common additive that growers use; we’ll talk about how much sugar to use, when to apply it – flowering or vegetative – and which sugar is preferred. I linked to some decent quality ones: My nutrients overview episode: Unsulphured [...]

Flushing Cannabis Plants – Basic & Advanced Tips

Today on Lex’s World I discuss flushing (leaching) Cannabis plants before harvest and give you both the basic and advanced tips. All links are in the description. Get Flushing Solution for a situation where you may want to expedite flushing: (Amazon affiliate) My episode on UV Lighting: YOU can help me LOTS just [...]