WAKE & BAKE| Where TF has Candy Ceason been?!

HEY SUNSHINES! I know I have been gone but let’s wake and bake together so I can explain myself lol, love you guys! We are moving towards light and positivity all 2019! Check my YouTube channel out every week for MOTIVATIONAL videos, OPINION videos, THRIFT HAULS, FREESTYLES, & FOOD videos! SUBSCRIBE and CLICK THE BELL [...]

Peace From The East PODCAST Episode 2 // Davonraymond

Hello Guys ! Welcome to episode 2 of Peace From The East podcast ! Today’s episode Takes you through my mental health journey with cyclothymia and my relationship with cannabis 🙂 please do comment below sharing your mental heal journey , thoughts on therapy and cannabis as medicine ! See you in the next episode [...]

Weed Unboxing Episode 2

SOCIALS: Periscope: @lexsmokesesh Twitter: @lexsparks1 Instagram: @lexsparks412 No, I am not from the 412. I don’t even know what that is. Yes, I am a Medical Patient of almost 4 years now. Thanks for tuning for another installment of this series. Weed Unboxing. If there is anything you guys want to see in a future [...]