Getting Way Too Crossfaded!!

Hello friends! I hope you enjoy today’s late af video!! It’s where I get a little tipsy, and get stoned as fuck, while telling of my first time getting that way! I hope you enjoy today’s chill and fun storytime type of sesh!!
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CBD – What It IS, What It Does & Ways To Consume It + WeePor Click

A Discussion of existing CBD Products, Why people want them and what the uses of CBD Are…all links further down in this description. Find The Weepor Here: SeedsmanCBD Is A Source I Trust for Hemp-derived CBD products. Plus when you use this link, it helps the show: YOU can help me LOTS by [...]


18+ : THIS VIDEO IS NOT MEANT TO PROMOTE THE DRUG USE/SALE/OR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN ANYWAY! MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. —-Β­————————————————————————————WHAT THE FUCK IS UP EVERYONNNNNE!?!?! I know, I know, I am late. ): There really is no excuse,I promised that I would be consistent and I wasn’t..I truly am so sorry, I will only continue to DO [...]
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* for more!* On this episode of “Angela’s Anything Show,” Angela takes you back inside her stoner kitchen to create THC-infused chocolates. With just a few ingredients–oh, and a ton of cannabutter–you’ll be stoned until summer.  *Chocolate recipe used: *Cannabutter instructions (ignore the honey part): *THC edible calculator:

Slutty Brownies with Weed Butter = EPIC EDIBLES

Are you ready for the most epic edibles ever? This edible is a delight, so I’m calling it Stoner’s Delight. It’s made with weed brownies, Oreos, and weed chocolate chip cookies. Sounds delicious right? Because IT IS!! Here’s the recipe! Ingredients:Box of Brownie Mix (and whatever other ingredients box calls for)Box of Cookie Mix (and [...]
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CBD by 2020 hiieffect

Our 99% pure CBD gives users an easy and light feel while remaining clearheaded and attentive. You can choose between a fine crystalline (Pure) that’s better suited for eating, baking. Ideal for: Anti-anxiety; pain relief; anti-inflammatory; anti-spasm Product Details: All natural – pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate.1/2 gram net weight99%+ pure CBD isolate Use it in [...]