The Phantom Strain Review

This video is my smoke session and review of The Phantom Strain. Its an indica Strain grown by Yavapia Herbal Services. I purchased it from the Nirvana Center Apache Junction. While I smoked my Phantom filled Dutch Master blunt, I talked about some marijuana news and Trump and his government shut down. The Phantom was [...]


Heres a little something while you wait… The past couple weeks have been nothing but fighting colds in our households! Due to not filming for the common courtesy of not wanting to pass around our germs we wanted to give you guys s little something until we can get some more bangers up for you [...]

Purple Chem Strain Review

This video is me waterfront at my favorite smoke spot. I’m smoking a blunt filled with Purple Chem. I bought this flower from the Nirvana center Phoenix for 44$ for a 1/4 oz. It was produced by Yavapia Holistic Services Inc. Purple Chem is a Indica strain, it was dark green and purple with big [...]
Crazy LSD Trip

Story Time: Crazy Acid Trip

Hey Guys! Hope you enjoyed my story time video about the time I went on this crazy acid trip! If you enjoyed check out my social media linked down below for more content! Social Media: Instagram:@jacksonofficial__ Twitter:@jaxofficial12 Gaming Content: Twitch: Youtube: httpv://

Q&A w/ Shay! (350mg Edible Challenge)

Granny Greenleaf and Sweet Tings blessed us with some wonderful edibles that we decided to incorporate into my Q&A video! Have any additional questions? Hit me up on my Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube! Thank you all so much for viewing my videos and helping me stay high enough to create entertaining content for you guys [...]

Cali’s Most

Premium cannabis delivery and subscription service. All over California. Free shipping* Visit for more! CALI’S PREMIUM DELIVERY SERVICE at CALI’s MOST BLUNTED, You don’t have to worry about Parking, Security guards, lines, bud-tenders… we provide a convenient and discrete way for cannabis consumers to buy without leaving their home or office.

Blue Diamond Strain Review

This video is me hot boxing in my car while trying Blue Diamond in my blunt. It’s an Indica flower strain produced by Holistic Patient Wellness Group. I purchased a 1/4 oz at the Nirvana Center in Phoenix AZ for 44$. It was dark purple in appearance, with huge chunky buds and visable crystals. It [...]

Surprise Unboxing on Edibles!

In this video I unbox an AMAZING subscription box from Hippie Butler!!! This is my seventh or eighth box from Hippie Butler and I’ve never been disappointed. This box included a lit dab rig, an ash tray, dab tools, and so much more. I hope you enjoy the return of unboxing on edibles to TheWeedTube [...]