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This Is Your Year To Join The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Marijuana, CBD, and industrial hemp are bringing millions of people who are trying to be apart of the action. In only a few years it’s expected to be a multibillion dollar industry. The question is, where are you in this picture?  This [...]

Dispo Days #6!

Just sharing what I got from my new Dispensary/Job! Come look at my LIT haul!! Instagram: Youtube Channel: Twitter:

24KT Gold Joint Review

This video is me hotboxing in my car while I smoked a 24kt gold joint. I found it at Nature’s Medicines Dispensary in Phoenix AZ. It was 13$. It was made by Shine Papers. I filled the joint with Sedona Kush. I noticed that it burned slow and tasted like any other joint paper. I [...]

Sedona Kush Strain Review

This video is my review of Sedona Kush. Its a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid which I normally don”t purchase but I wanted to try something new. It had small to medium deep green frosted nuggs that were dense, sweet smelling and dank. I am not sure who produced this strain because the information was not on [...]

110$ for two 8ths?! & sesh with me :)

Okay guys! I finally got to try out TruMed Dispensary in Mesa, Arizona they have the BEST looking weed around, I had been dyeing to get my hands on it, thanks to Errl Cup 2019 I got some killer discounts for some and I can honestly say it is the GREATEST looking, most potent and [...]