Hazy & Ariel Review CBD from Chonie Bears Dank

Come hang with Ariel and Hazy as they unbox an amazing stash of goodies from @choniebearsdank. A special thank you to @yabbadabbarucson for the extra love, with the @yocan Uni. This box is very special to us as it was put together with so much thought and love. Get a hugebox of goodies yourself with […]
15-festive-christmas-cannabis-strains (8)

15 Festive Christmas Cannabis Strains

Can you believe it, Christmas is right around the corner? The holidays are one of the most magical times of the year. While you’re making your list and checking it twice, there’s something that can make your experience so much sweeter… Cannabis, of course! Keep reading for a roundup of the best cannabis Christmas strains.
Dank Ass BTS

Dank Ass Christmas (Behind the Scenes)

’ve been holding onto this one for so long!!! Welcome to the behind the scenes edition of Dank Ass Christmas. Follow myself, GG, MacDizzle, and Greg (BabyFlexFilms) around as we film #dankasschristmas the music video! SEARCH DANK ASS CHRISTMAS REMIX ON iTunes! The album has 3 songs! Xvape COUPON CODE AREND: https://xvapeusa.com/ Download “Better When […]

Sober Me Interviews High Me 🤣💨

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Zach and I continue to get high as fuck in this video and just talk. We filmed these vids over a month ago but I’m finally uploading the 2nd part!😭🤟🏾 Comment down below to let us know what you wanna see us do or talk about next! Watch. Blaze Along. SUBSCRIBE. My smokeshop: www.InhaleTheWave.com DISCOUNT […]

Nugg Review: THC Design Indica Pre-Rolls

It’s no secret that a lot of pre-rolls are just flat out bad. Like dried out, throat-burn bad. But THC Design’s joints are a breath of fresh air for pre-roll lovers. They burn smooth and waxy, and even have a use-by date to make sure you get a great smoke, every time. If you’ve never […]