Dabs? What Are That?

When I moved here in May I had NO CLUE what I was doing. Seriously, I laugh at myself often because of the way I used to try to consume concentrate. So when  I say I’ve been there, trust me. I’ve been there! Here’s some of the basics on how to dab and how I [...]

4 Gram Poo Hash Rosin Dab off the Toro Core Reactor FUUUUUUUCK THAT. I dont think ive ever really mixed two strains of pure shit and ill tell yall right now, its fucking terrible. You get the absolute worst out of both strains. I could taste metal and boof from the one and fish and ass from the other. I couldnt even begin to think [...]
park cleanup small


this is how to make a difference while getting lit! getting two birds stoned at I filmed this video with my friend three days ago on an impulse.  We decided to initiate a park clean up just the two of us to see how much of an impact we could make.  In less than 2 [...]

Unboxing of a Giveaway Prize

Hey Guys!! I literally had just woken up before recording so I’m half asleep lol but I wanted to make a short video of this carb cap I had won in a giveaway ran by and hosted by @bowser_glass on Instagram He has some awesome work I am super grateful for winning and receiving this piece [...]