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Smoak Sessions 130 – Snow Day Shoveling

Thank you for watching and please subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! The Smoak wood cigar pipe is designed to look and feel like you’re smoking out of a real cigar, giving you that smooth feeling of drawing smoke into your mouth as you sit back and enjoy the beverage of your choice. Smoke [...]

The Phantom Strain Review

This video is my smoke session and review of The Phantom Strain. Its an indica Strain grown by Yavapia Herbal Services. I purchased it from the Nirvana Center Apache Junction. While I smoked my Phantom filled Dutch Master blunt, I talked about some marijuana news and Trump and his government shut down. The Phantom was [...]
The Happy Dab Kit

Happy Dab Kit, Dabbing on the Go! Designed for the dabber on the go, The Happy Dab Nectar Collector Style Concentrate Kit is great for both someone familiar with dabbing and the beginners. All packed into a small and convenient zippered carrying case the Happy Dab Kit contains everything you will need to enjoy a great tasting dab anywhere. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT [...]

Mofajang: Purple Hair Wax Review

Hey y’all! Thanks so much for all of the love on my last video and for watching this one too! I hope it was fun and informative… Hopefully not super cringey 😂 If anyone is interested, you can find this product on Amazon for less than $10🤭 If I didn’t answer a question or you [...]

710Labs Review

~IntergalacticDreamz~ ~Medical Marijuana Patient, Prop 215 18+~ Hello YouTube people, I am Paul or IntergalacticDreamz. I am here to bring you guys cannabis and art related content special to California. In this video I will be reviewing 710Labs unquestionably OG liverosin 90u Persy batch. This concentrate company was been taking the cannabis industry by storm [...]

Smokin Anthrax Wax

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