baking myself [, but also cake]

i baked a cake whilst i got baked. so come sesh along w/ me. plus this video has some pretty fUNkY editing cuz i have no control w/ my editing yet apparently…well i hope you enjoy? plz tell me if ya do 🙂 ~follow me on~ insta: @ wild_budchild

Welcome to There’s Weed In that

The awkward half of the There’s Weed In That duo briefly explaining what to expect for future videos. We will be showing you how to make all kinds of edibles, how to be as Low waste as possible with your cannabis, getting the most out of your medicine & so much more. Thank you for [...]

Cook with me (Baked edition): Tanghulu

Hello everybody! today’s video i will be showing you how to make my current favourite munchie.. i absolutely suck at following and giving directions.. and this is why i don’t have a legit cooking show but i hope you enjoy! try it out for yourself and let me know how you like it!


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eat dick

2BlessedFriends Eat D*ck

Ya girls decided to eat dick for breakfast, of course we had to bring you along for the ride! Follow us on Social Media: april: alex: royalty free music provided by

High Moment’s with Pops; Making Pizza High

Soo i thought it would be a perfect time to film us making homade pizza while we’re high. So we rolled a jay and this is what happens lol . btw the pizza was sooo cheeesyy . . Please follow our main IG @_greenlivesmatter_ and subscribe to our WeedTube – Green Lives Matter And [...]

I Cant Believe its Not Butta!

High guys ! today I am showing you an easy way to make cannabutter. For those of you who dont know what that is. Its butter infused with cannabis ! Making butter is the easiest thing to make all kinds of edibles! Hope this helps 🙂 Twitter – farhigh_ Instagram – far.high_ NJMMP