Smoking Topshelf – Mt.Hood Oregon

After a long day of skiing a joint is a necessity and @bforcefarms does not disappoint! I smoking on some Yote Cookies which is a cross between Cookie Kush and Peyote Purple. I love hunting for new and exotic strains that aren’t always heard of the market. Do you live in Oregon? Lets Smoke!
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Cookies & Cream Strain Review!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! We’re going to grind up a little bit of Cookies & Cream and see what the smell, taste & effect is all about. This strain was part of my Christmas Stash – let’s see if Santa delivers the dank. We post pretty much on a daily on our Instagram feed, [...]

The Pottery Strain Review with This Cannabis Life – Fade Co. Lavender Cookies

A personalized take on cannabis strain experience with Koala Puffs and Mac. Morgan “This Cannabis Life”:… Fade Co. We’re located at 5042 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90019 Mid-City LA! Instagram: Access to deals and Product info: Order Online, Pick Up In-store! Website: Hope to see you soon!