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MUNCHIE MADNESS: (French Fries Edition)

Erin and Kayla compare different kinds of french fries while under the influence! *Please follow your states laws and regulations concerning the consumption of marijuana or any THC substances. Smoke responsibly! *This video was not sponsored by any brands seen in this episode Keep up with us on social media! Twitter: Instagram:… MUSIC: [...]


This lucky bitch got to go to Indo Expo for the first time last month and I’m gonna take you through a little mini haul of some of the goodies! Come smoke and discover new CBD products with me! 1. littlehempflowercompany 2. 3. 4. Instagram: Twitter:

Lets Link UP! Your house or mine! By Live Video!

I love Naked Yoga. End of Story Bottom line. The truth is, yoga is a state of mind, and a consious awareness. Many people think of yoga as postures, but yoga is far beyond the physical. You can have the perfect health you desire, and overcome every obstacle. It begins from within. Lets get you [...]

Binske Live Resin Review – TheCannaFairy Today I’m reviewing one of Binske’s Live Resin Strains – Fromage! Fromage is French for “Cheese”, and it definitely has a funky, cheesy, floral-y flavor! Binske products are available in Colorado, California, Nevada and is coming to Florida. What should I review/talk about next? Leave a comment and be sure to subscribe to my [...]
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A tour of Yeti Farms in Pueblo Colorado by founder Shawn Honaker

Recorded in August 2018 en route to Seattle Hempfest. This is an in-depth tour around Yeti farms extraction facility and farm in Pueblo Colorado with founder Shawn Honaker. You can check out Yeti Farms below: Please like, share and subscribe for more content! If you enjoyed this content then please consider becoming [...]