Smoke Collection

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In today’s video, I’m going to share my pretty decent smoke collection with you guys! Hoping this can spark a trend here on the WeedTube so if you’re compelled to share your own collection, make sure to put #MySmokeCollection and tag me, @puffpuffgyal, in your post. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the content. LIKE this [...]

A Hit out of Every Piece Of Glass I Own This is HANDS DOWN the craziest video ive ever made. This even tops out the 1lb hot box. I took a rip out of 9 pipes and then hit 28 dabs back to back. Almost an hour and a half long, a few kabobbles, and tons of fuckery later and im still standing. [...]

My Glass Collection

Today I’m showing you guys all the glass my girlfriend and I have on hand at the moment. I’ll probably be doing a part 2 when we get our own apartment and the rest of our glass out of storage. If you like my content like and subscribe and check out my Instagram and Youtube! [...]