how a budtender rolls a giant joint (2)

How I cleaned the dirtiest dab rig of all time without alcohol

So, I’m new to dabbing. And, still worried about what my parents would say. A bit of a laugh, considering I direct the marketing for a wholesale concentrate company. BUT recently, I started to dab CBD isolate. It does absolute wonders for pain-relief and especially anxiety. It pairs well with meditation, yoga, and self-care. Rig-less, [...]

Shake and Bake – Clean with me

Insta: @xia_ashes With Valentines day right around the corner I thought I would show my glass some extra love! Shake and Bake is a series I want to start where I clean my pieces then dirty em’ right up again with a good ol’ fashion smoke sesh. I hope you got a laugh out [...]

Resolution, Does it work?!

What is up you guys! I’m back with another video after my long hiatus status. I put resolution to the test on my dirty bitch and well, let’s just say I leave an honest 100 percent review on it. Let me know how you clean your pieces in the comments below, or if you have [...]