Raw, Uncut, Rant (Why I smoke Cannabis)

**Disclaimer**- I only edited the beginning and the end and some transitions other than that where I actually begin the story is unedited because I knew if i re-watched it I wouldn’t have the balls the upload it. So yeah enjoy sorry it gets raw there is crying and yelling but its real life and [...]

***Dabs of Love Pain be Gone Review****

Hey Guys,So I decided to share with you my FAVORITE pain rub this is 300mg of cbd massage oil. This oil made me a believer and the amazing thing is that it is NOT made by some huge corporation, its made by a wonderful beautiful women!!! She works out of her home and puts so [...]

VLOG – The Return Uncensored

I get asked a lot about what I do with my time and how my health has been. Although I’m very open, that doesn’t mean that you tend to see absolutely everything. That said, with a lot of changes in my health, it feels like an important time to show how I get through a [...]
Q&A Sesh Thumbnail

Q&A Sesh

Come sesh with me!! I sat down and answered a few questions I got from Instagram while puffing on a joint of Wedding Cake grown by Curio Wellness. Had a lot of fun on a nice warm day making this, I hope you enjoy! Questions from : @lensden_ and @420cruzer(Click on name for hyperlink to [...]

24KT Gold Joint Review

This video is me hotboxing in my car while I smoked a 24kt gold joint. I found it at Nature’s Medicines Dispensary in Phoenix AZ. It was 13$. It was made by Shine Papers. I filled the joint with Sedona Kush. I noticed that it burned slow and tasted like any other joint paper. I [...]

High Far

hey guys today I wanna share with you how I started Far High. It was a difficult story for me to tell but I knew I needed to get it out there, if not for you guys for my sake. I hope my story helps to share yours ! Twitter – farhigh_ instagram – far.high_

DJ Short Blueberry Strain Review

This video is me smoking a blunt waterfront. My blunt is filled with DJ Short Blueberry which was produced by Yavapia Herbal Services. I bought 1\2 oz for $50 from The Nirvana Center in Phoenix AZ. It was prepacked from October and was very dry. It tasted good but had lost it’s potency. It did [...]

Papa & Barkley Releaf Tincture (2019 Tincture Review)

Matt Noah is one of Nugg’s resident cannabis testers, and he gave Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Tinctures a go every day for two weeks. He’s got some good and some bad news, and a little 101 on how to properly microdose a tincture. Papa & Barkley starts with high quality, full-spectrum cannabis buds, then extracts [...]