MarissaGone: Smoke with Me and Labradorite

Little Session you’re invited to 🙂 Now I LOVE my stones! Whenever I can use them, I WHIP them out, no hesitation! I’ve always had close connection with them all, no discrimination! Here I’m highlighting Labradorite. This stone caught my attention by it’s reflective color, then it kept my admiration when I read about it’s [...]
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Wine, Weed And Girl Talk!

Get your favorite smoke, drinks and goodies …its time for a high chit chat! WELCOME T0 HIGH COMMENTARY!!! THIS VIDEO IS FOR ADULTS 21+ & MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS ONLY! THIS VIDEO DOES NOT PROMOTE ANY SALES, USE, OR ABUSE OF ANY FORM OF ILLEGAL DRUGS (SHHH WE KNOW IT’S NOT A DRUG). ********************************************************************************************* GET SOCIAL [...]

Why I Smoke Cannabis

I finally got around to making and uploading this video. I decided to finally open up about why I smoke cannabis. I have General Anxiety Disorder, Depression, and a Personality Disorder. Cannabis helps me in many ways. Music: Tedashii – I’m Good (A personal favorite song of mine for the positive message)

Friends, Football, Fire – We Want MOAR

Welcome back! After a brief hiatus Friends, Football, Fire is back with its 7th episode! This episode recaps every week of the season through week 8 quickly, with some smoking clips as well! Danks for watching liking and subscribing~ MUSIC: Intro: Since I started – Roll in Vinocor Always Dreaming – Within Reach Living Pulse [...]