This is a follow up video because i was gonna tell you guys a story in my last video but it was more of a fail. So anyways this is the store i didnt tell you guys in the last one haha. i hope you guys enjoy!!!!!! Intended for 18+ Medicinal use only In compliance [...]

HEMPCON HEART OF NATURE!!!! Highlights 2017

Here i take you guys along to the 2017 Heart of Nature Hempcon at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa California. Big thanks and shout outs to: Bright Source Farms, Golden State Oil Co., Hustle heads, Sticker farmer, Guild Extracts, Old School extracts, High Quality, Top Branch, Sasquash, Elicit Labs, Nectar Stick, ikänik Farms, [...]

Creative Things To Do When You’re High

Have you ever been high and got that spark of inspiration to create something? But maybe you don’t think you’re creative or have the skills. Well in this video I’m going to suggest easy ways you can get high and DIY. Want More Ideas? Read My 11 Creative Things To Do While High Blog Post [...]