How To Make a Glass Pipe

In this episode we head over to the secret studio in Tempe to check out how @stizle makes a Fumed Glass Pipe! He’s been on the torch for 6 years and has a very fluid workflow. Check out how he uses the scalloped tubing to create these beautiful fumed lines in the glass.
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Interview with Glass Kitten & The North Blend

Smokey Seasons Xtreame sits down for an interview with Glass Kitten & The North Blend. Check it out as they discuss edibles, glass, artists, bathbombs, as well as cannabis regulations and more! For more information on Glass Kitten or The North Blend Check out the links below… Glass Kitten ig: @glasskitten The North Blend ig: [...]

A Hit out of Every Piece Of Glass I Own This is HANDS DOWN the craziest video ive ever made. This even tops out the 1lb hot box. I took a rip out of 9 pipes and then hit 28 dabs back to back. Almost an hour and a half long, a few kabobbles, and tons of fuckery later and im still standing. [...]


I do not condone any illegal or dangerous acts. this video is for documentation, entertainment and artistic expression. Dont try this at home. The Milky Way Bar Pipe !! Let me know down in the comments more crazy smoking contraptions you want to see !! Anyone that would like to support the channel further can [...]