Smoking From The FRONT Of The Joint

I am finally back for another smoke sesh. I smoke the rest of an old joint and even attempt to smoke from the front. This was filmed on a school day and I went to a playground not to far from my college to spark. Luckily there weren’t any kids so I was pretty much [...]

High Moment’s with Pops;The struggle

So I got some wax from Double D’s extracts and the only way of smoking was to use my stove top flames lol. While my dad smokes his jay....Please subscribe to my channel and also subscribe to Green Lives Matter and follow us on @stoner.siren & @_greenlivesmatter_ 

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to The Weedtube

welcome back to BudbrothersTv !! I know i’ve been M.I.A. but……. IM BACK!! This is a quick video congratulating The Weedtube on their success and 1 Year Anniversary . and now the launch of Theweedtube.com app. AMAZING . Thanks to everyone who donated and worked so hard to make this all possible. Enjoy the vid [...]

FAILED best friend tag! lol

So I’ve really wanted to join the weedtube for some time and have been filming videos here and there. Everytime i opened the camera, I’d get a lil anxiety and kind of discouraged that no one my watch but today I said fuck it! I had a lot of fun doing the basic ass editing [...]
movies for stoners

Top 5 Best Movies For Stoners

“Dazed and Confused”, “Cheech and Chong”, “Pineapple Express”, “The Legend of 420” and “Super High Me” are definitely some of the classics in my opinion. In gratitude for the many bizarre laughs and drama filled moments, we’re taking a look to find the very best of the genre some of these films i still watch [...]

High Moments with Pops; Old School vs. a Stoner

our first video, so my dad is old school, he has his jays..there easy and simple annnd there’s me “why not smoke out of every thing i have?” and we filmed and you get this video, so enjoy 🙂 . . Please subscribe and Follow our main IG @_greenlivesmatter_ and subscribe to our WeedTube Green [...]

High Moments with Pops ; Making a Intro

My pops and I just smoking a jay ➡ Cactus Strain @doubledsextracts got us pretty high and motavated. Just trying to do our intro for future videos and this is what happens…lol . . . Please subscribe and Follow our main IG @_greenlivesmatter_ and subscribe to our WeedTube Green Lives Matter And follow me on [...]

Zombie Glue rips and smoking a joint.

Welcome back to another episode of BudBrothersTV. Happy Thursday evening everyone. Im going to show you what i picked up from the dispensary . Zombie Glue . Its pretty good. No complaints. Its a glue so you know its bomb . Check it out . Smoking a joint and ripping a fat bowl of that [...]

Happy 420! Hits from the Pineapple Pipe!!

In the episode BudBrothersTV is chilling out taking some hits from a pineapple we quickly put together and guess what? It hits pretty damn hard. I got Lit off those hits . We were smoking some yeezy OG and suger cookies. Happy 420 everyone. Enjoy yourselves, have fun ,and get really stoned we all deserve [...]

Kushstock Festival 2018

In this episode BudBrothersTV takes you to Kushstock Festival 2018 in San Bernardino California. Sit down chill out and get high with us as you enjoy kushstock and all the festivities. Shout out to everyone who made this possible. The cannabis community is stronger than ever and I am proud to be a part of [...]