Golden State Not The Greenest State? | What's Growing On?

Your weekly cannabis news digest. This week: Cloud-controlled cannabis containers, a San Diego brewery’s THC-infused beer, checking in on California one year after recreational legalization and a HOT TØKE: Is The Golden State no longer the Emerald City of pot? The WeedTube Times: The WeedTube Newsletter: Music | AllttA, “That Good Ship” [...]

A Week in Portland, OR

I spent just shy of a week in Portland, OR on my first ever solo trip, and still can’t over how great it was. I had a phenomenal time taking in the city, the nature, the coffee, the food, and of course the legal weed! I always wanted to visit Portland and was tired of [...]

cannabis beer

High, cannabis beer is totaly inn these days. LetΒ΄s talk about the innovation and some new brands. Please share this video, subscribe for the channel and hit the like button. Links: Contact Boris: Homepage: LinkedIn Facebook:
weed vs alcohol

Alcohol (Liquor) V. Marijuana

Marijuana and liquor dont mix well. But which is worse for you? Those who already know the facts wouldnt be surprised by the answer, but for those who dont know, on this episode of Lex’s World we break down some of the common sense info that’s out there about weed and booze. We compare on [...]