My New Rigs + TheWeedTube Updates (Podcast Style)

Welcome to Watch and Sesh! I’m bringing back this long form show (it’s kinda like a podcast TBH) because I really miss talking to you guys all the time and I figured it was the most convenient and fun way to reconnect. In this episode I talk about all the work we’ve been putting into [...]

Surprise Unboxing on Edibles!

In this video I unbox an AMAZING subscription box from Hippie Butler!!! This is my seventh or eighth box from Hippie Butler and I’ve never been disappointed. This box included a lit dab rig, an ash tray, dab tools, and so much more. I hope you enjoy the return of unboxing on edibles to TheWeedTube [...]

The tale of My Snake Bites // Davonraymond

Hey guys!!! So a few Days ago I decided to take THE PLUNGE! Jk but I was thinking about switching Things up for a while and Ive Always been interested in piercings so I’m very excited to share with you my experience so far with snakebites poercings 🙂 As always, Peace From The East!

BRB || Arend Loves You Season 1 Finale

Welcome to the season finale for the first season of Arend Loves You. It’s been such an amazing journey learning what this show is episode by episode with you guys! I can’t believe how many episodes there are and I am so proud of every single one. I hope you enjoy this finale. Don’t worry. [...]
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Hey guys! The 2 Girls 1 Bong Litmas party was absolutely fantastic. Hope you guys enjoy this episode 🙂 It is the second or third to last of the year! Love you guys! Sign up for TWT Newsletter here: Download “Better When You’re High” (Theme Song: Follow me: Instagram: @arendrichard Snapchat: Arend90 Twitter: [...]
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Life Update || Vlogmas Day 15

Time to play a little catch up with you guys… This video just serves as a place holder between the videos I had ready before today and the ones coming after this. Also I’ve had a lot on my mind that I just wanted to talk about with you guys. Love you all 🙂 Please [...]