My Hippie Butler Wishlist on Edibles!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my favorite video of the month! I always love taking way too many edibles and unboxing my Hippie Butler box. This month we did things a little differently! Instead of sending me a subscription box I made a little Hippie Butler wishlist and chose a few things that I loved [...]


Ok so real talk this video is like insane. I had a lot of fun making it and editing it though! It really does trip me out tho lol. If you want another one leave a comment 🙂 Trying to get this video to 1000 likes! Shouts out to Smojo for gifting me the VR [...]
2019-02-04 (1)

Get to know me with – The Stoner Tag

Odd dealers, high sex, getting stoned in public places and more! Get to know me better with the Stoner Tag. I’m so excited to finally be creating content for the Weedtube and starting this fun adventure! This is only the beginning. Join me:) P.S. The lighter tapping i know. So Sorry! You never really notice [...]

How To Become a “Popular” WeedTuber

Hey guys! Todays video is a long requested video with advice for becoming a content creator on TheWeedTube.com specifically.The video is nearly an hour long but for sure has some great insight. Additionally I hit all the rainbow bongs from my newest glass drop! So if you’re interested in one of them please email [email protected] [...]

I Took an L Today

Sometimes in life not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes you even have to take an L. Or LOSE big time. The important thing to remember is that life will always have ups and downs and it’s how you react to those ups and downs that really matters. Much love you guys and I hope [...]

Stoner Mukbang w/ VOODOO DOUGHNUTS

What’s up guys?! Welcome to a really fun low key stoner mukbang where I enjoy some delicious Voodoo doughnuts and get waaaay too lit! Thank you for watching this video! I hope we can get it to 1k likes!!! Check out the people who made my sweater and are very supportive of TWT: https://livefree420365.com/ Follow [...]

BRB || Arend Loves You Season 1 Finale

Welcome to the season finale for the first season of Arend Loves You. It’s been such an amazing journey learning what this show is episode by episode with you guys! I can’t believe how many episodes there are and I am so proud of every single one. I hope you enjoy this finale. Don’t worry. [...]