TWT Countdown Challenge & more | What's Growing On?

CBD at CVS, too much pot in California, and a very special TheWeedTube video challenge in anticipation of the app release. Join the #TWTCountdownChallenge and upload everyday from April 12-19th, 2019, leading up to the release of the official app! Music:AllttA, ‘Disarm (instrumental)’

My New Rigs + TheWeedTube Updates (Podcast Style)

Welcome to Watch and Sesh! I’m bringing back this long form show (it’s kinda like a podcast TBH) because I really miss talking to you guys all the time and I figured it was the most convenient and fun way to reconnect. In this episode I talk about all the work we’ve been putting into [...]

PACC & Sir Cannabis Apparel Weedtube Ep.1

Devin of PA Cannabis Connection & Chris of Sir Cannabis Apparel briefly discuss their companies and what can be expected from their weedtube channels. PA Cannabis Community has recently released the iOS version of their app ‘PACC Community’. This app is tailored to the PA Cannabis Community with features designed to benefit both the businesses [...]

Youtube Deleted My Channel – Let’s Open HBC Club’s Old School Essential Pack, Get High and Talk About It

Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed that my YouTube channel has been deleted. I’m disappointed that YouTube is censoring cannabis users and labeling us as people who are promoting dangerous acts and drug abuse. My heart hurts for all the other cannabis-related content creators who have had their livelihood and years of hard work deleted even though [...]

Watch and Sesh LIVES ON!!!

Watch and Sash is back!!! I can’t say how awesome it is to be able to continue this series that I have always had so much fun making for all of you. A few reminders: This video was uploaded through Vimeo so there will not be buffering issues. Things I address in this episode: My [...]