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Storytime: Craziest Place I’ve Smoked Weed

Hey, everyone! I’m addicted to storytime videos so I figured I would share one of the craziest places that I’ve consumed cannabis. Let me know if you want more storytime videos, because I really had a lot of fun doing it! Be sure to follow me on IG: @indicawife!

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  1. Craziest place I’ve ever smoked was some of the bathrooms in my old high school! Looking back I can’t believe that I was that fucking dumb but I never got caught by any teachers or security. One time junior year my friend and I left during the middle of our science class to go smoke in a bathroom for like 5-10 min. We came back to class like nothing just happened. This mf had us smoking out of a sprite bottle with aluminum foil on the top. Other than that I’ve never really smoked anywhere crazy… actually now that I remember I did smoke a few times on my school bus. Again, never got caught but came very close.
    Just copped some Miracle Alien Cookies #10 and Blueberry Headband that I’m gonna smoke on soon! Funny video!😂


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