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Hey buds! Thank you so much for supporting me here on TheWeedTube! In this video I tell you guys about my top 10 stoner pet peeves, all of which I am guilty of doing. Lol. I hope you guys enjoy the video! What are some of your peeves???

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  1. I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone is fuckin stiiingy with their weed. Like you just shared 3 snappers, rolled two blunts, and shared two dabs with the person then you’re like alright man that’s all my shit! And they’re like oh hey I got some, pull out a grinder full of shit and only share on snapper with you. 😂😂 like I love you homie but come the fuck ooonnn.😂

  2. My cat is obsessed with the stuff. He will not get out of my face when I’m smoking and tries to eat all my weed. I try my best to keep it away but sometimes he just pops up out a no where and sticks his nose to my mouth when I exhale and he gets a little “pfft” of smoke and then he lays down and leaves me alone. I dont believe blowing smoke in your animals face is okay at all but sometimes he just surprises me. While having said that, giving your pets thc at all is bad and can be very toxic to your animals. Cbd on the other hand is wonderful for your pets!! Indi cant get enough of his cbd treats. Knows what time he gets them every day and will not leave me alone till he gets them. They’re his favorite

  3. My bud used to always bogart the lighter and we only always had 1 to share between us for some reason. I bought him like 10 lighters one day thinking: “Hey, at least there will always be more than 1 lighter around!”. NOPE! Now I just bring my Toker Poker with me wherever I go. Fully loaded and ready to… suck? Ya, suck!

  4. NUMBER 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my BIGEST! ughhh the worst and the most annoying. like yo if you hit me up to smoke it usuallty means that person smokes you up or both have flower… not you hitting me up for me to smoke you up.

  5. Im that friend™️ that always “bitches” (as they call it) about my pals blowing smoke in their animal’s faces and i get soooo much shit for it. Like okay your animals nasal ways and more are gonna be fucked up so excuseeee my ass for not smoking near your pet or blowing smoke directly in their poor helpless face.

  6. I get the animal one. But I have met some cats and dogs who I’m not joking love it ❤️❤️😂 my cat I tried it a couple of times he gave me a stank face and walked off. He likes to be near me but not when I smoke. Tho he does try to eat my weed 😂😺🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. Yes girl, preach! Especially about pets and smoke. My pupper LOVES the smell and will get completely in my face so I have to be either outside or put a door between us lol. But it tickles my paranoia so hard about her health.
    I get so emotional about it when I see people do that.

  8. Aww I legit get sad when I see posts like my dog accidentally ate my edible and thinks it’s hilarious that their dog looks high. The poor defenseless dog looks out of his mind, I wanna cry thinking about it! Leave Britney alone? No, leave your poor dog alone, stop trying to make him high!

  9. LOL I also agree that weed should always be shared! While not always being compensated l, I do mind if I’m supporting your weed too 😂
    My pet peeve is probably when you go to match a friend (someone you hang with often) and throw in a crumb of flower 😩🙄 come on.

    Also, I agree. I know insta can be irritating as fuck but we all love your content and would be sad if we could not smoke to your vids and stories daily.

  10. My biggest stoner pet peeve has got to be when someone kills your stone 😑 ooooh laaaawwwd! That would end friendships for me 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂 ps absolutely love all your videos your honestly so funny even when your not trying to be your still hilarious 😂 I need that dizzlepuffs bong in my life 🥰🥰 also please don’t delete insta 😭(at least until the weedtube app has been released ☺️) your posts and story’s keep me going through the day 😂😂 xxx


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