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MarissaGone: Smoke with Me and Ashwaganda

Just Moringa, Ashwaganda, and I…
Starting to put together my first care package for a sick friend and I read up on the healing properties of Moringa & Ashwaganda and all it’s natural haleing it can do. Impressed on how overly healthy it is for us, I made a video to spread the word!
Check this out… According to the ever so popular NIH public database, they’ve reported/ recorded the following:

On Moringa Oleifera:
“On the Internet, M. oleifera is variably labeled as Miracle Tree, Tree of Life, Motherā€™s Best Friend, Godā€™s Gift to Man, Savior of the Poor. In many regions of Africa, it is widely consumed for self-medication by patients affected by diabetes, hypertension, or HIV/AIDS”

And On Ashwaganda:
“The drug can be used as an adjunct to cancer chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Besides having an anti-cancer effect it will also reduce the side effects of anti-cancer agents, which invariably reduce immunity and quality of life.”

Plants are the key!

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