SMOKE SESH ~ *NEW* Silicone Pipe W/Glass (Wax Maid) Review W/Strain Neon Nights (WEED HAUL)

Come join me for a smoke sesh weed haul using a NEW silicone pipe with glass from Wax Maid, I also give you a strain review on Neon Nights.

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  1. Oh my god, this has been my favourite video of yours I’ve ever seen! I have been so stressed lately. The first time I laughed this week was when I watched you wading in the StrainCentral Politically Correct swimming pool…and it was a riotous laugh that turned into a stress relieving cathartic, long laugh as I continued to laugh throughout the rest of it. I SO luv ya in a StrainCentral/Josh way (SCJ), and hereby adopt you as my little sister.Lol. Congratz on the house! If I were to want to see any more types of videos from you, it’s these. Stoner thoughts.
    Not only are they hilarious but we’re drawn to them, right? But why? I always wanted to know. Someone asked me once “what truths have I discovered from cannabis?” and I still have been unable to provide an answer so I’ve been looking. But one truth I’ve found is that it’s a conveyance for honesty. It brings it forth in our minds as memories and realisations but then it also comes out of our mouths, doesn’t it? lol I think that’s what we pick up on when we listen to you. Your blatant honesty about whatever. You know those YouTubers who put on the big shows at first like morning djs? As soon as they’re high you start to see the real person. Honesty.


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