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Should Have Been High For This Scene (RDR2 on PS4)

I wanted to put more stoned gaming up on theweedtube, so i took it upon myself to make some of the most relaxing game experience. No need to worry, just sit back and chill with your blunt and or bowl grab your controller and snacks and just hang out.
This is a place to feel yourself and confident.

I made this content as something you could just vibe too, something to listen to from a long day, and or have it playing in the background while you are in your own element, gaming! Something that I would want to chill to, especially with getting baked!

I would like to keep this going with getting stoned gaming series. Play different genres of games. Whether it be doing a Fallout 4 playthrough, Sims 4, GTA V, More Fortnite, PUBG, APEX, Destiny, Halo, and more. Leave any game suggestions down in the comments, i’d love to hear what you wanna see in this little series. I think this could be an amazing content series with theweedtube. I feel as the whole would could use some!


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