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Puff n' Talks [EP1]: Our OPINION about growing organically on SOCIAL MEDIA platforms w/ Dimes Delūxe

I’m starting a new segment on my channel called ‘Puff n’ Talks’ where we get high (of course), sit & talk about our thoughts, opinions, perspectives, etc… Today, we’re going to share our honest opinions about building an organic support/following on social media and what we’ve learned from trying to be influencers thus far. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts or opinions about the topic, we really love the engagement!

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Much love, STAY HIGH PUFFERS! #PuffPuffGang

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  1. Just wanted to say we enjoyed this video. This was just some real talk that everyone can agree with and it’s nice to see just raw real talk. Also, It is super hard to grow social media organically. Like you said, how do you put out unique content without being too unique, to where you lose people’s interest just because it’s not trending? In our opinion, just be you! We enjoyed and subscribed because you guys are real and just literally chatting. Honestly, even if it takes a while you’ll get a real audience and we think that is better than an audience that will want to tell you what you should be doing. Real recognize real and WE SEE YOU! much love – Syd of Toke N Talks

      1. Thats True! Everyones got to just be themselves. Social media makes everyone feel like they need to be someone else. At least here everyone can be comfortable to just be themselves. People like Macdizzle have said in their videos “it doesn’t matter if you smoke a little or a lot. Just do you”. Thats not a direct quote lmao but thats from her *Stoner Pet peeves video* and it was such a good setting for anyone who watches and joins this community. Maybe one day well all Meet in one big circle and share the vibe!


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