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Polyamory || Watch and Sesh

Hey guys! Welcome to a new episode of Watch and Sesh! This weeks episode is all about Polyamory!! So put on your love hat and smoke some weed. Enjoy!

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  1. Arrond ur amazing love all ur vids, im poly its not always easy but yes communication and listening are key elements. I love Watts the safe word amp and mr.kristphoer are exactly wat i need in my life they’re in my opinion one of the best youtube channels not only for the gay community but also for kinkters like myself they help my partner and i fresh with new ideas and how to explore eachother in a healthy kinky way. Plz keep up the amazing work ur doing on the weedtube much 💘…… Frankingobbler

  2. So when you start talking around 17min in…
    All I’ve gotta say is I can see what you’re saying. And I love that you’re doing a video on this entire topic. It exists; but to be my age and single.. it’s either face reality about Disney’s view of romantic relationships back when I was watching. Idk if it’s the same now tbh. Not that I’ve ever had a problem with the lgbtq community. or be so close minded that I lock myself into insanity, loneliness, and dispare. Anyway. I’m posting this and getting back to the show. Lol also time for a dab.

  3. Thank you for sharing your positive story, I definitely think there are multiple ways of loving people / entering relationships with people, that are ever changing as we grow and develop into the “next person we’re meant to become”‘. That’s the beauty of life and love.
    I wouldn’t personally see myself as poly – because I am not sure I could process the feelings of jealousy to that level, but i can totally understand and respect the benefits for other individuals of sharing their love in a responsible, respectful and loving way.
    This was an incredibly interesting watch and sesh, and i have learned soooooo much so thank you again for sharing!


  4. I’m not poly but I totally respect if u are I’m fine with being in the kinda relationship if they love me and then love someone it’s fine as long as u are open about it with me and I know where we stand and how u guys stand

  5. Also I completely agree with you that love is work! Its a lot of hard work, it’s like having a passion though, you throw all your love and effort into your passion so it can blossom into something beautiful, you spend time with it, you help it grow. My partner is my bestfriend and my soul mate, we came from completely different paths of live and yet made our way to each other, shes the person I not only want to spend this life with- but any other life. There is no other person that could ever or will ever understand me or love me the way she does and I am so thankful for that. Polyamory isn’t for me just like monogamy isnt for everyone but I am loving and supportive of however someone chooses to live their life as long as it’s not hateful.

  6. i do think that society and religion very much push one specific type of lifestyle but at the same time i don’t think that people are in monogamous relationships because of society’s “plan”. everyone’s sexuality is different, everyone’s lifestyle is different and we should be respectful of all. it’s really beautiful well two people fall in love and want to solely spend the rest of their lives together and it’s also really beautiful when more than one person can fall in love with one another and have a loving relationship. either or or anything in between doesn’t really matter as long as the people involved are happy ❤️☺️

  7. These are some of my absolute favorite videos that you post! You upload them pretty close to when I get off work so I dont have to smoke alone. You’re the best and this video was very informative to someone who isn’t really familiar with stuff like this. Oh, also… Frankingurgle :))))

  8. Omg!! I was just talking to my daughter about love in the movies vs love in real life and how very different they are. Real love is messy and doesn’t make sense more often than it does. Religion….. ugh 😑 Thank you so much for this amazeballs video!! Love you even more after this video! You’re real and genuine…. thanks for being you!

  9. I’m in a triad (MMF, living together almost a year, with a kid) and I think you covered it very fairly. It’s hard to be broad with so many representations of poly, and still narrow down what YOU do without making it seem as if you think that’s the only thing TO do..

  10. Ok you just talked about jealousy and how you worked through it and how if your husband finds someone he rather spend the rest of his life with then so be it. okay I get what your saying I pretty much say the same thing about cheating as in trust I fully trust my husband because we both promised each other that if we find someone we would rather be with more then each other then we will leave each other. I mean I understand the whole polyamory while you were in NY or Cali and he was in Denver but how do you have time to spend time with other people while you are at home with work and stuff. See if we were to even try I dont know how it would work without taking time away from my husband bc we both work crazy hours and we do have 2 kids (but i do have to say Ive seen docuseries on polyamory where they had a child) but I would have to make the choice to spend time and get to know someone else over spending time with my husband which i feel like would split us apart pretty much guaranteeing we will divorce and end up with other people. Any thoughts on that?

  11. Ok Arend now I agree 100 Percent with you about how religion is the reason why we have the cultural norm of 1+1 100% agree with that also 100% agree with the fact that religion has been in mans hands to long to be interpreted correctly I also 100% agree with polyamory.

    What I don’t agree is the statement you made where you said that if “you are in a monogamous relationship it is ONLY because of religion” ok let me stop you there yes I am a baptized catholic BUT BIG BUT I DO NOT repeat DO NOT agree with the Catholic church according to my husband i am agnostic or something like that anyway Yes i am in a monogamous relationship with my husband obvi ha ha and i have nothing against poly people (I didn’t write it out bc I can’t spell it no disrespect) but I could never be poly. I am sorry I cant get over someone having what is mine. Maybe its because I was raised without a strong male role model and i’ve found one in my husband and I want to be selfish but I cant see myself getting as close to anyone as I am my husband on that deep romantic level. Sex is a big thing because it is how my husband feels loved ( Idk if you have ever heard of love language but physical touch ie sex is his me is intellect so if you have a brain and can have a civilized conversation i’ll fall in love with you ha ha) anyways so my husband wants to go to a swingers bar (I know completely different) but its still sharing and I can’t do that even though I know its just physical its still in my head that physical touch is his love language so I don’t like anyone else being able to give him love except me.

    So what I am trying to say here high as a kite thats why its everywhere ha ha is that I am in a monogamous relationship and its NOT because of religion.

    I also want to add that you have it 100% correct love is WORK we’ve been together for 12 years and people don’t understand why its because when we fight we dont stop until everything is ok and we NEVER let the other person walk away!!!!


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