Advertise With Us - The Weedtube is proud to be one of the first sites to allow commercial advertising for cannabis brands and related. Whether you are a dispensary looking to build brand awareness in your local area (legally), or you are a national distributor (online head shop, glass, vapes, or CBD) has an effective advertising solution for you. Check out a few of our advertising options below, and get even more information on our newest programs by emailing [email protected]


TheWeedTube offers commercial pre-roll advertising like most other video sites. Your ad will play prior to the selected video the viewer has chosen. The viewer will watch at least 15 seconds of your video prior to being able to skip! So make sure you grab their attention right away! We have people who can help you develop your commercial as well.

Commercial advertising comes at different price points depending on the package. So email [email protected] with your interest, and we will set up an appointment with you to discuss your options!


Like most other sites out there TheWeedTube also offers banner advertising at fantastic rates. Banner ads tend to see the most traffic on our site, so don’t miss your chance! We currently have several different spots at different rates. So just contact [email protected] with your interest and we will get you pricing!


TheWeedTube has several add-ons for advertising. We also have affordable monthly plans that could be the most effective means of advertising for your companies budget. Please don’t hesitate to send us an email and chat with us! Our goal will always be to deliver real results so you don’t have to worry!