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In this video, my pal Anneli & I explore the creekside trail behind my house while smoking a blunt! ENJOY!

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  1. I’m crying laughing watching these!! My bf and I always joke about how everyone just calls each other brother 😂

    But also, I have been following your YouTube since the beauty days, and as we all got older I would watch your vids and in my head be like “I would love to smoke a blunt with this woman” 👏🏼😂 Thanks for creating the content all of us Stoney’s have been waiting for!!

  2. I agree with Gina, Im so glad to finally see this type of content! Growing up I would walk around the trails in my area too, its been, and still is one of the greatest and most serendipitous ways I can explore nature. So excited to see more videos!!

  3. Watched this vid when high last night, was super tired and kept falling asleep, so I shut my laptop mid vid! This morning in my 9am lecture I opened up my laptop and your video started playing really loudly, just when you were singing the doobie in my pocket song😂

  4. Meggg!!!!! You gotta know about the game blunts girl you gotta get hip! Just go to a tobacco shop next time you’re in town and check out all the fun blunts!!! Don’t limit yourself to the swishers!! I am totally living for your weed tube videos!!! Thanks for uploading even though you’re so busy with vlogmas!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. This was the best vid. IM LOVING THESE weedtube vids! btw this is sincerely Saira from youtube! (Assuming you may possibly remember my channel name lol ig is sairadelrey) I’m LOVING this friendship too she’s too cute!! And girl you have to smoke from raw cones! Organic hemp paper! No more blunts I quit those long time ago 🙅🏽 Can’t wait for more content on this channel!


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