My Suga Mama Flew Me Out (Jungle Fever!) – On VHS | Sterling Jafar

Grab a drink and or your favorite grass and let me tell you what’s up!

I Am Sterling Jafar and this is a #MomentOfSilenceForHoes
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Sterling Jafar Music: (Freak Me)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Favorite Hobby? Music & Working out 
Zodiac Sign? Libra

Why on VHS? I grew up on VHS classics…. They left a mark on my brain lol!
This #Storytime on VHS includes epics Flashbacks:
(Please support these epic films – artists that left a mark on my mind!)

Sterling Jafar – VHS includes some of the best of the 70s,  80s, 90s and 2000s

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Carlton singing Jungle Fever

Snickers with Aretha Franklin (CC)

The Fifth Element (1997) | Takeoff Scene [1080p]

Discovery Channel – Cougars Mating

Tyra Banks – Americas Next Top Model Cycle 13 Intro

Fabio Fitness

Classic Walt Disney Pictures Intro

Music By:

Outkast – The Morning After

Funkadelic-(Not Just) Knee Deep

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