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My life with PTSD week 12

I was supposed to actually post this last weekend but I couldn’t do it I have already deleted dozens of videos I recorded for this week ut was to triggering in the past seven days I’ve had three flashbacks almost gave up five times.

Please keep in mind if you are somebody who suffers from childhood PTSD and can be easily triggered be careful watching this video, I keep it very honest and I do not hold back always keep yourself safe and for people who do not understand PTSD is no joke every second of every day PTSD put peoples life at risk usually buy their own hands.

I am a Lesbian a Mom, Grandmother, Peer Support Specialist, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a State of Illinois Medical Cannabis card holder. Welcome to my journey through live as I learn to live with Chronic Pain, Sever health problems and the loss of my Eyesight. This channel is of an adult nature and contains information including medical cannabis.

Periscope, Instagram, YouTube and The WeedTube @1lesbianstoner
For Twitter @ Blindlesbian420

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