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My First Legal Recreational Weed Haul in Canada

On October 17th Canada legalized Cannabis for recreational purposes. I was among some of the first people in British Columbia to order weed from the government… Yup, our government is now in the weed business. In this video, I’ll be talking about how they are selling cannabis and I’ll show you my first purchases from this website.

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  1. I’m in Ontario and had a similar response to it.
    Dry. Shakey. Loads of warnings about Schizophrenia and pregnancy.
    You nailed it when you said “underwhelmed”. That’s the best word.
    However, just to play Devil’s Advocate, you gotta start somewhere. And maybe, hopefully…they iron out a few details as they go. I feel like Colorado’s laws were a good starting point that canada maybe should’ve considered.
    Maybe they still will? Who knows, but thank God for the grey market. Best care given to the best buds.
    Great video!


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