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HEY EVERYONE! I’m so excited to be uploading my video on The Weedtube! In this video I show off the “weed room” in my new apartment and smoke out of the biggest bong that I own and the smallest rig that I own! Thank-you so much watching

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  1. The flying fish! And I am ripping some nice bong tokes of white buffalo in Northern California. I hope you are doing amazing. I can’t wait to see you continue your content now here on the weedtube. ????✌????????

  2. Here from YouTube. Sorry they screwed you over and all the other weed tubers. I still support the community though and I’m sure a lot more people do too. I just wish YouTube wasn’t being so lame about this.

  3. Ok I literally feel like I’m the only one who cant play ANY video.

    I have an LG K20 Plus and whether I open theweedtube on Chrome, Internet Explorer or anything really, I click the video and it acts like its going to play and then nothing. I can fast forward and it will update the video picture to the exacreek part but wont actively play.

    What can I do????

    -Someone who wants to support our weedtubers!!

    1. Im really digging it. Im also getting alot kore traffic to my youtube channel. Whoch is cool. Everyone here has been so friendly and helpful on my way to 100 subs. Love you guys! Thanks so much for the content sasha. Really liked the coffee cup bowl

  4. Loved this first video Sasha!! Your weed room is awesome! When you started tipping the mini rig a bit to show us that it does tip over I was like “ohhhhh noooo don’t fall” when it tipped ???? anyways, cheers from ocmd ????????

  5. Hey Sascha! I am watching your videos for about 2 years now 🙂 I’m smoking along from far away Germany but unfortunately I don’t know what strain I’m smoking on haha.. #legalize #worldwide
    Keep beeing amazing ! 🙂

  6. I’m smoking some strawberry cough from portland!

    I just moved to a new place and I’m going through the same exciting stages that you are. Currently looking for an affordable rug and I’m so picky haha. Anyway, so excited to catch your first video. I might try it out myself sometime.

  7. Hey Sasha! Found you through browsing here; subbing your YT channel too. You have an AWESOME glass collection and that kitten is adorable AF.

    Yay WeedTube! I can’t wait to see more. 🙂 Thank you for your fun video here, too!

  8. For some reason I can see the page and all the videos but I can’t watch the videos they won’t play like it just stay on your face in the beginning of the video… where the ad is mabe it’s a bug or something I’m so happy congrats you guys I would love to be apart of the team xoxo

  9. Hi Sasha! First time on WeedTube love your videos! ???? I wish they would make the video able to go on its side (landscape) and the background black instead of white. Seriously hurts my eyes. And my video is buffering SO BAD is it just me? ????

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