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Melty Hash Bowl in HD on 4/20

Melting and smoking with the Herb Iron ceramic heater. I recorded this video on 4/20 for YouTube but I was terminated before I could upload it. I’ll have a full vlog soon talking about the situation and the future.

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  1. Glad you’re continuing the dream, man. YouTube is bullshit; they shouldn’t be allowed to just make rules out of nowhere and enforce them like an 8 year old playing tag. Keep doing you, I’ll be watching you on here from now on.

  2. great to see your still making videos dan i really enjoy your videos, thankyou for not giving up and for taking the time from your day to make videos on this platform for our enjoyment

  3. nice video man however this platform does no justice when it comes to buffering.. im getting 15 seconds of video every min or two of letting it buffer and i have to play that 15 seconds in order to get any more video to buffer….. this site should have stayed down till it was ready clearly its not


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