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Medible Munchies – 420 Bar (Extreme Edibles)

Disclaimer: Please do not try to ingest this amount of THC, we have spent months trying edibles and building a tolerance to be able to handle such amounts. If you are new to edibles please start low and go slow !

Living with Crohns & colitis has its challenges and Cannabis has been something that has brought some relief to the symptoms. However it wasn’t until last year that I implemented edibles into my routine and found that while I do seem to require a heavy dose of THC to feel the ‘high’ – Edibles in general help my appetite and pain symptoms greatly. I have tried every type of edible from tincture to gummy to baked goods, even a infused BBQ sauce.

Today’s video is the highest overall dose I’ve ever taken on, split into 2 doses taken 6hrs apart.  I never go higher than I am comfortable with, and I only do these doses when I am staying home for the night (no driving high here). If I had tried this dose without building my tolerance up before – It probably wouldn’t of been a good time. It’s important to be safe when consuming edibles.

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