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MarissaGone: SWM and the Moon

The Full Moon Brings Great, FULL energy!
So I had to do a video talking a little, tiny bit about the Full Moon and its influence it had while it was in Leo’s sign.
I know sounds, like a lot, but I explain a little bit about it while smoking.
This makes me think I should do more videos about horoscopes? Maybe… Probably.
Who am I fooling, I will, BUT with good timing! 🙂 Enjoy for now with my beginner level explanations on everything celestial.

> I bought my calendar at a store I regularly go to on Georgia Avenue in Washington D.C called The Blue Nile Botanical. I swear by them, Good vibes all around! But if you don’t have the pleasure of living in the DMV area; then I suggest checking out the Celestial Almanacs direct sales shop to grab your own. >>>
& here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ if your curious now to read some literature on the moon:

P.S sorry about my space-heater being on in the background. Next video it will be silent! Promise.
And probably more lighting on my left side… baby steps…baby steps…

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