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Maple Nut Cake from Bad Bees

Hey Everybody!!  I just got hip to a new (for me) edible company called Bad Bees!  Lucky for us I got my hands on a wide variety of products so we can really get a feel for what they’re all about!!  And when I say wide variety, I mean it… baked goods, gummies, cookies, and cakes!!  And what set’s Bad Bees apart from the pack?  Three words… Dry… Sift… Hash.  

The first product I tried, and the one we were taking a look at today, was the Maple Nut Cake!  This hearty little loaf had my mouth watering even as I was taking it out of the package!  Dense and moist, this cake was like something you would find in a high end coffee shop.  The smell coming off this sweet treat was that of maple and walnuts.  Bad Bees uses a dry sift hash in their infusions and I am pleased to say dry sift does not impart much if any cannabis smell and flavour.  I personally could not pick up any cannabis smell or taste, just awesome maple cake!!

This was listed at 100mg and it certainly felt as if that was the case!  This was very nice, gave lots of muscle relaxation and the warm and fuzzies lasted a solid 3.5 – 4 hours.

Very impressed with this offering from Bad Bees.  For more information or to try some of this awesome Maple Nut Cake for your self you can connect with Bad Bees through their Instagram account:  IG @bad.bees

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