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Just standing there, contemplating life and how to build it the way I want.

chelah vega is a Denver/ Boulder Humanitarian, Fitness Guru, Thai Yoga therapist, Naturapathic Ordained Healer/ Minister/ Missionary, who helps people have the health and answers they want to recieve a higher level of health with ultimate clarity and a sure fired plan of action to attain health and fitness goals. Get answers the doctors won’t tell you, learn the truth about Medicine, it is imperative that we know how to take care of our bodies and have stability and security in taking care of our physical bodies. 

Please send me a link at www.ilovenakedyoga.org
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I love Naked YOga, I practice all forms of healing arts including herbal medicines, Thai Yoga Therapy, Tantra, Fitness, Speacialized Fitness trainer and exercise science speacialist. I am here to fulfill my mission as a healer and believe that there is not one single illness or disease, or condition that can not be healed naturally. Our Earth is designed to sustain us, and it is up to the teachers gurus healers and leaders in sacred spiritual medicine to pass the word. You can be well. You have a birthright to have wellness, and there are answers. I am here for you, you matter, how you feels matter, your life matters. Namaste!

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