I've Never Been More Terrified || Storytime

What’s up Poppets! So this past weekend something pretty serious happened and I know a lot of people wanted to hear the story. Honestly I’m still a little shook up about the whole thing but we definitely learned some lessons along the way.

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  1. I had a similar near death experience. My family and I were on a holiday to Spain or Tenerife. We went to this beach but didn’t see the no swimming sings until the way out. My mum and brother and I all went into the sea and were swimming, then the waves got way too big and started sucking us out. they both swam back to shore and kept shouting at me to swim back. I was trying my hardest but I was getting pulled out faster than I was swimming back. There wasn’t a lifeguard either. There were sharp ass rocks nearby and at one point I kept getting thrown into the rocks, and then swept back out again. It got to the point where I ran out of energy to swim back and my body gave up. I was exhausted and knew that this was it. I stopped swimming and sat there choking from panting so hard and getting water in my mouth and then suddenly a big ass wave pushed me the other direction, back to shore. Once I realized I had a chance at surviving I pushed myself to do the last little bit and crawled back to shore. It’s fucking terrifying when you don’t know if you can keep yourself above the water, man I feel you

  2. Arend, you are so amazing, so strong. I cannot imagine what you must’ve felt. As for the cigarette smoking, I’m trying to quit too man. I know it’s a huge struggle but you will push through and make it. ♥ I am so so happy that all of you are okay. My thoughts are with you. ♥ Stay beautiful and rockin ????

  3. U had me tearing up holding back from crying! I’m so glad ur ok!!❤️ As we hear u describing it we really put ourselves in ur shoes and it’s beyond terrifying! I myself had a near death experience with my two young boys running from a bear. I had people make jokes or down play the situation once I decided to tell my story (coming from hunters who are Always armed when they encounter one, yet I was not!).. but at first, during the traumatic moments, u just think about straight survival for the ones u love and then comes acceptance, “If I die at least they may be safe.” I still have nightmares and flashbacks. Still avoid the mountains because of it which hurts my core because I’m a huge nature lover????. Already having ptsd though, that shit fucked me up. It is a trauma for u but u are blessed to be here still and I’m glad for that????✨❤️❤️

  4. As you were talking about what happen I was totally taken there.that must have been so scary.Im so glad your all okay.Love you so much Arend,you give me hope for humanity.

  5. You know…these things that happen to us…these traumas…they happen so that we can learn. You grew from that experience. And in time, you’ll reflect on it and smile. Not yet…not for a while yet, but eventually. Talking helps. Keep talking about it. Because by sharing this experience with others, and maybe preventing a future tragedy…you’ll find peace in that.
    You know?
    Hang in there. ✌????

  6. Wow Arend I’m so glad you’re ok! It’s really the best thing that you took action right away if you thought your life was in danger. Calling for help saved lives! So so glad you are well and at home, I hope that the trauma will subside with time. Don’t let fear stand in the way of your big ideas and bright future! ????

  7. <33333 you're such a caring friend. 🙂 I am so glad everyone is okay. Nature is beautiful and fun but also very serious. Your life has such great purpose and, though I sit here crying with you, your gowth brings a smile to my face. This situation was not lit, but you still let your light shine brother<3 love you

  8. I’d seen your scope about this but wasn’t able to watch all of it. So glad you’re okay and you posted this. Doesn’t matter if Danielle or others have a different perception of the event, that’s their experience, this is your’s. I look forward to hopefully seeing Danielle, Brandon or Tim put out a video on it. This was your experience of it and you’re clearly feeling traumatized. It is scary and you DID help your friends who knows if they ultimately would have been able to get back in the boat and have the energy to row back after all that time in the cold water.

  9. Okay. Im a mobile user and the stuggle is real today. I can’t delete that comment and for some reason it posted waaaaaaaaay too much. Im so embarrassed and I just wanted to leave an encouraging message. So im sorry for the spam. Ily arend, the note is at the bottom. .
    Arend! Oh my god I cried. Im so sorry that this happened go you. Perception is reality so even though the others didn’t see this like you that doesn’t negate the fact that you did. It sounded absolutely terrifying and no doubt traumatic. Just makes my heart hurt for you???? Thank you for sharing, I’m sure that was difficult but I hope that it’ll help you to talk about it. Im glad everyone is alright. So much love being sent your way boo! I hope you can meditate on this and heal.

    1. LISTEN! Lol you’re amazing and I love seeing all the comments! It took me a second to realize what you said and I just giggled. Much love to you and feel free to spam my comments all the damn time lol

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    NukeHeads Seed Bank Review: Unboxing Genetics + The Flower Power Package

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    Have you seen once every other week, or based on coloration, interesting. It is pretty much the same thing for the veg stuff, so like I said I will be doing a grow serious with their seeds and just this nutrients. Because Nuke Heads does claim that their nutrients really does below them up and gets them some huge buds. So let’s see that is pretty much it in there so I’ve got my nutrients both veg and Bloom. I’ve got my sticker, and then she needs, so let’s open that up now.

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    I’ve Never Been More Terrified || Storytime
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    Mdux97 May 16, 2018 at 2:29 am
    Arend! Oh my god I cried. I’m so sorry that happened to you, perception is reality so even if the others didnt see it like that doesn’t negate the fact that you did. It sounded absolutely terrifying and no doubt traumatic. Just makes my heart hurt for you???? Thank you for sharing, I’m sure that was difficult but I hope that it’ll help you to talk about it. Im glad everyone is alright. So much love being sent your way boo! I hope you can meditate on this and heal.✌????????

    Ps: lol I accidentally posted this on another video too and dont know how to delete it. Oh well I hope it helps that videos activity.????

  11. Hi Arend , love your weed tube channel. I am wan2bvader from you tube. Dont fuck around like that on boats anymore holmes. I am a big fan and it would mess up my world to lose you guys. Love weed tube its improving greatly. Love all your stoner friends. You guys are really special. There are a ton of battles and good times to come so just be careful ,take care of yourself and each other. Love peace light and girl bye

  12. My biggest fear is drowning, since I don’t know how to swim. It’s crazy to hear from you, someone who knows how to swim, that you became afraid of drowning. I know that it’s possible for a swimmer to drown, but it’s weird to hear it. I’m happy you’re safe, and please don’t forget to take an extra break for yourself here or there 🙂

    1. Well, swimming or not… It’s like running. Anyone can run (most people) but you can only run for so long before you have to stop and rest. You can’t stop and rest when you are swimming and far from shore. My fear was that I would run of out energy.

  13. I love the honesty in the begging of the video about how you feel more comfortable recording away from people cause that’s tea and very relatable. An Arend if you read this, this is just personal and kinda nitpicking but I’d prefer for the comment to be at the top so it’s simpler to get too, but like by putting it at the bottom you’re forcing people to scroll pass videos that might interest them, so I can see how it can benefit the sight in general. I just wanted to explain my thoughts on it, cause you know comments are a huge deal! anyways love you and wish you the best!!!!

  14. I’m 110% here and ready to watch! I adore your videos. I found you on YouTube at around 16K Subscribers and I am here for you wherever you go. I have had a few near death experiences as well, and some are reason why I smoke weed too. This was an awesome storytime and I am so glad you made it home safely that night! Much love to you always and Blessed Be!


  16. Holy Crap! That sounds so scary! Drowning is a serious fear of mine, so I can only imagine. I’m glad you are ok, you are a role model for me and so many others. Sending all my well wishes to you!

  17. So glad you’re all ok, that sounds really scary especially with the really cold water, and the asthma! I’ve been cigarette free for 1 year now and it is very hard but it’s so worth it! Best of luck with everything hunny *hugs*

  18. Geez that sounds scary as well, I’m afraid of being in open water because I don’t know how to swim. I couldn’t imagine trying to swim through freezing water like my life depends on it. I’m happy you are all safe and sound now and will remember to bring more life jackets next time. <3

  19. God as soon as you said “asthma attack” I couldn’t help but audibly groan in sympathetic panic. I have asthma as well, I cannot imagine how terrifying that must have been. I’m so so happy you’re safe ❤

  20. Hey Arend! I’m sorry you had to go through that! I have asthma too 🙁 I know why it’s like to have an attack but I can’t imagine having one in icy cold water while trying to swim to help your friends. The poppets are here for you ❤️

  21. Arend, I think your feelings about this are completely valid. The experience sounds terrifying. Hopefully, with time the extreme shock that you are feeling now (since it happened less than three days ago) will lessen! You are awesome, and I am so happy that you were able to fight through this experience. Sending love and positive thoughts your way! <3


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