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This has got to be one of my favorite places ive ever been too. Its just so intensely colorful and peaceful, you can easily forget your on this planet. And the mushrooms just added an extra level of vibrance to everything as well as some awesome positive vibes. I think at least three of us went too hard and wandered off when we got to the top but we all grounded ourselves and were back in a little bit. All around it was another one of the best days of my life.

Also I feel I should just throw in that my mom was not partaking in any of our extra circular hiking activities, she was in town and we invited her along. She got along great with everyone and had an awesome time!

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  1. Love your videos Matthias! I have been excited because the opportunity to try mushrooms has finally hit me and watching this video was a great precursor to trying them. You also gave me the idea of hiking while tripping which sounds so fun! I know you’re not entirely associated with the WeedTube industry, but if you have any ability to talk to someone who runs the site, I suggest them making an iOS and Android app version of WeedTube, because the main reason I usually am unable to watch these videos is because I can’t watch from my phone. Anyways, amazing blog and can’t wait for more content!

    1. The App is coming soon! Also if your in a legal state, all my content is on the Hightimes Tv App and Internet Site as well. Have fun on your first trip! Make sure your in a happy head space and with good friends who know what they are doing! And have fun!!!!!!!!


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