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Infused Gummy Worms from Bad Bees

Hey Everybody!  Got another product from Bad Bees but this time things are a little different…. instead of the baked goods we’ve had up to now, we’re going with the gummies!  Gummy Worms in fact!!

As mentioned in previous Bad Bees reviews, the Bad Bees crew likes to infuse with dry sift hash.  That’s great if you’re baking but what about gummies?  While most companies go with a distillate or oil when working with the gummy medium, Bad Bees stayed true to their dry sift hash roots and distilled it in a tincture!

Taste wise… zero cannabis flavour and they went with a sweeter gummy rather than sour.  I did find that the dummies alll pretty much tasted the same regardless of colour but that’s fine since the taste was great!!  Texture was good although I did find the more I handled them the more they started to feel a greesy but keep in mind that while doing reviews I’m totally playing with my food and doing so under warm lights.

Dosage was great… 150mg for the pack with is 30mg per worm which makes this an easily scaleable product!  Very nice!!

I really like the gummy worms and think you will too!  For more information check out the bad bees IG page @bad.bees

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