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Im new but want to show you my favorite place on the Internet

I hope to make some NEW smoke friends on here but I also want to spread the word about Smoke.io & how great of a site it is. A place where you can earn Smoke Coin for Posting your own original work. A place where you can meet new people. It is a lot like Weedtube except you can post just about anything cannabis related. It could be stories about smoking cannabis, Photos of your cannabis, Cannabis art that you might be working on or even reviews on strains that you happen to buy. I am slow-mo-zoom & I am looking to be best *BUDS*.
I also want to shout out @lexsmoke on smoke.io for letting me use her dab video on this video. I will have some great stuff coming up so if you want to learn more Subscribe to me on here or Join over on smoke.io #PeaceLoveCannabis

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