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I Took an L Today

Sometimes in life not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes you even have to take an L. Or LOSE big time. The important thing to remember is that life will always have ups and downs and it’s how you react to those ups and downs that really matters. Much love you guys and I hope you enjoy the video!

Shouts out to Blazy Suzan @blazysuzan

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  1. I’m SOBBING. I needed this. I’m in a huge L right now. I’ve been stuck in a rut and am off my feet (literally) because I’m getting foot surgery. It seems shitty, especially because I can’t work right now and I’m trying to get into the cannabis industry, but instead of looking at it like that, this bitch has more time for TWT videos and business planning 😈

    So now I’m gonna wipe my eyes and pick my head up. Thank you. The world needs more Arends.

  2. You’re such an inspiration Arend and i love you for that! Good job for always keeping positive. I need to work on doing that myself. I totally agree with Karma & everything happening for a reason!

  3. I know what take a L means but, I still thought you were going to smoke a blunt. I’m glad your friend invites you and not gonna lie if your family doesn’t invite you I don’t blame you for not wanting to even go anyway. That sucks about your van but, thank the warranty! Honestly, my dad and I had our car brake down 2 hours upstate NY and while we could have let it ruin or trip or got mad, we decided to just continue camping and learned to use uber when we couldn’t walk. It really does help to be positive in the face of an L. L’s are lessons and lessons help you grow. Keep being you and keep growing and smiling in the face of unwanted situations.

  4. I love this. I love, love, love this. I practice energy work (Access Consciousness, specifically) which focuses on asking questions and seeing opportunities when they arise. One of the biggest questions is “What is right about this that I’m not seeing?” And letting that awareness come. You don’t have to have an answer, just asking the questions will help possibilities be created. ❤

    1. Hey! I watched your munchie video! I liked it. Keep going friend. I will say next time try chillin in one spot or if you move have someone follow you with the camera. So we can hear you consistently. You’re doing great.


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