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How to turn Your Black Bangers Clear Again! – Dark Crystal Cleaner

Wow. Why haven’t i been using this for years? I remember people telling me about it and seeing their befoe and after pictures and thinking, “that was tow different bangers” or “that has to be photo shopped” because it just doenst make sense. I fucking like it though, and i can fully say it does clean your bangers. It wont make them crystal clear again but it will prolong the life of a new banger and restore life to an old one!

Cheers everyone, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Matthias!! You could’ve just heated the solution in a measuring cup. Dropped it in. Waited a bit. Pull it out and heat the solution once more. Would’ve looked the same in 2 hours!
    I like it for cleaning rigs as well. I pour the solution through coffee filter and collect the mids. I have a decent amount collected. Just not sure what i can do with it.

  2. Dude, all you gotta do is soak your q-tip in the stuff, then q-tip as you normally would while the banger is still warm after a dab… It’s completely reusable too, so you just kinda wasted a bunch! And wow, look at your sunburned self in the second part! Cheers homie!!!


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