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Hey beautiful people! We are so excited to bring you another video here on the weedtube! Get ready for weekly content from us because we are finally on a schedule! Half of the footage from this video was lost somewhere but it is what it is. We will definitely make you guys a part 2 with more tricks! We hope you enjoy!

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  1. I was going to ask when regular content would start being uploaded! I’m so excited 🙂 I love you queens so much, always crack me up and remind me of my old roommate/ person that got me high for the first time and the entertaining shit we always got into/ did lol.

  2. I can only do a french inhale but only because I’ve been perfecting it since I was a sophomore in high school. I can sometimes do a ghost inhale but like Joya I can’t always do it on command. Blowing Os is fun once you’re able to get the hang of it, but it’s still a tad bit tricky to me. Can’t wakt to see what you guys have in store for us next!🔥

  3. I LOVE these videos so much, you guys are hilarious together, lol!

    The bane inhale is one of my FAVORITE smoke tricks to do, but my nose gets hella stuffed up whenever I do it with joints or blunts.
    I’m really inspired to make my own smoke trick tutorial now! There are tons of fun, little tricks to learn that look a lot harder than they really are 😉

  4. LAS AMO!!!
    Las extrañaba, y amo vero que están haciendo videos juntas, ya me estaba preguntando si volverían a subir algo nuevamente.
    Viendo los videos de Mac aprendi a hacer varios smoke tricks, pero creo que soy una Joya total, tengo mucho que aprender 😀

    I LOVE YOU!!
    I missed you, and I love seeing you’re doing videos together, I was already wondering if you would upload anything again.
    Watching the videos of Mac I learned to make several smoke tricks, but I am a total Joya, I have a lot to learn 😀
    I think I’m the only Argentine creating content here and I feel like I’m paddling in dulce de leche. Be my stoners godmothers, por favor!


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