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How I cleaned the dirtiest dab rig of all time without alcohol

So, I’m new to dabbing. And, still worried about what my parents would say. A bit of a laugh, considering I direct the marketing for a wholesale concentrate company. BUT recently, I started to dab CBD isolate. It does absolute wonders for pain-relief and especially anxiety. It pairs well with meditation, yoga, and self-care. Rig-less, my love knows of my disdain for a dirty rig. Hello, I’m a photographer. So he promised me “simple jack”. 

The good news? It was a gift from my love and it’s easy to clean…. when, it hasn’t been ignored for who knows how long. Die-hards would probably try to reclaim the hash in here for edibles or… to dab??? But I just wanted a clean rig. 

I did a shoot with @Evil.Evelyn & @Karli_Canna for Hightimes, and Evelyn gifted me with this amazing freaking Resolution Colorado gel. THANK ALL OF THE GODS. 

I’ve been cleaning Jordan’s rigs for far too long with alcohol, salt, and baking soda. It smells terrible, stings all my cuts, and takes forever without getting the rig PERFECTLY clean. Compulsion? Maybe. I will totally have this stuff on standby every month. We got maybe 10 uses out of it. Multiple cleans, plus, simple jack was the worst. 

Happy dabbing!

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