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Hello buds!

Thank you so much for watching this video. I love and appreciate all of you so much! I am so honored to be a part of this months Daily High Club box! Koala and I are honestly so humbled and we really hope you guys get the box. Anyways, I decided to get a little tipsy and show you what came in our box! I hope you enjoy – see you guys on here with another video in a couple days

Check out daily high club!

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  1. I just ordered mine the other day!!!! I’m so excuse to have this in my collection, ive been a day one follower to 2G1B I FUCKING LOVE Y’ALL
    Much love for seeing you grow and make amazing content, I hope to one day meet you girls at a cannabis event!!! Again I LOVE YOOOU

  2. why u dont go to a doctor to watch wtf is up with that throat?? u used to not cough so much, now is like there is not a single hit without watching your pain face. For real Mac things get worse with time, prolly now is just a pill.

  3. RIP pinky nail!!! I actually signed up for daily high club back when they first did a collab with the weedtube! I was thinking about cancelling but then i caught wind about your collab and simply couldnt do it! I hope everyone here heard that you two girls are getting your own individual boxes and you better believe I’ll be here for it!! Love your content girl


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